Transforming Schools-One Heart and Mind at a Time

HeartMindSolutions is an education support organization whose mission is to improve students' social-emotional and academic achievement and organizational performance in schools and build the capacity of leaders and educators to achieve sustainable results. We work in partnership with schools and districts to transform school culture, instruction, and operations—enabling schools to grow and thrive. We bring a heart-mind harmony approach to leadership, academics, operations, and management.

We provide coaching to K-12 school administrators and teacher leaders, focused on executing school improvement initiatives that meet school climate goals, social-emotional, academic, and non-academic outcomes. Advise school leaders and educators as they return to in-person learning with post-COVID changes.  


 Mission and Values

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Mission and Vision

We empower school leaders and educators to connect with their hearts and minds to transform students' social-emotional and academic outcomes. We support educational leaders, teachers and stakeholders to consciously align with the organizations' values, mission, vision, and purpose to create a culture that celebrates the uniqueness of all learners.



Unconditional Love









What people are saying about Dr. Kotraba 

"Dr. Kotraba has a way of making me feel connected to my core and at ease in her presence. She is helping me become a more effective leader by embracing my wholeness and living according to my values and integrity. By bringing my blockages to light, I am able to unlock my own strengths as a leader and continue to support our team as we grow our mission to improve lives through education."

Kristin Van Busum

 Founder & Executive Director Project Alianza, MA

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