Leading with Heart, Mind, Values and Purpose

We coach leaders with a focus on improving overall school performance and or targeted efforts to improve specific performance metrics depending on the needs of the school/leader. As your coach and partner our dual aim is to develop individual leaders to achieve their goals as well as the school’s academic and organizational goals. 

  • ​Build the capacity of leaders through regular coaching and leadership development sessions focused on attaining student achievement outcomes in academic and non-academic areas

  • Develop leaders’ ability to identify achievement goals, and lead students and educators toward achieving those goals 


  • Provide advice and support to teachers and school leaders on school-wide instructional practices


  • Analyze school data and support leaders in interpreting and using data to lead performance


  • Collaborate with the leadership team to share best practices and collectively drive improvement across schools 


  • Participate in training and professional development designed to support effective and results-driven leadership development