School Transformation 

We help school leaders to set school-wide values, identify goals, and lead teachers and staff towards achieving sustainable results. Build the capacity of teacher leaders and administrators through coaching and leadership development. Facilitate the evolution and transformation  of schools and leaders, ensuring the leadership team is focused on defined outcomes. Advise school-wide professional development and daily operations. Analyze school data and support school leaders in interpreting and using values-based decision-making to drive results. Inform the development of school leadership and support the day-to-day school programming as needed.  

Classroom Lecture

School Assessment and Leadership Development      

  • ​Students, Educators, and Staff Well-Being

  • Team Alignment and Effective Communication

  • Professional Development, Teachers as Leaders and Coaches  ​​

  • Values-Based Decision Making and Achievement Measurement

  • Effectively Measures School Values, Performance, and Strategy  

  • School Climate, Culture Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Leadership Development, Instructional Leadership, and Engagement

  • Resilience/Stress Management and Employees Satisfaction/Retention

  • Administrators and Teachers Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Leading Schools

  • Provide teachers and administrators with an effective way of monitoring academic and non-academic outcomes.